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29 November 2022

From 100% renewables to greenwashing: Your energy supplier might not be as green as you think

Today, most energy providers offer so-called ‘green tariffs’ but what that really means can vary between 100 percent renewables and absolute greenwashing.

Officially, greenwashing is when a business or a company shares false or misleading information about its sustainable initiatives for the sake of marketing.

Kit Dixon is the policy and regulation manager at Good Energy, a 100% renewable electricity and gas supplier. Recently the company topped a ranking of the most eco-responsible UK energy providers.

He remembers the case of one British provider that jumped overnight to 100 percent renewable products from 3.7 percent – just after it had been acquired and rebranded by a bigger company.

Buying £750,000 (€874,395) of certificates for units of renewable energy, called REGO, they added them to their fuel mix and started to say they were a renewable energy provider.

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