Case studies

SocialRES becomes reality

What drives social innovation? Why do people decide to participate in renewable energy projects? Our researchers will analyse data coming from the real-life implementation of 9 case studies.

Abundance Swindon Common Farm Solar

RES Crowdfunding Platform

Abundance worked with Swindon Borough Council for interesting projects: to build and finance of a 4.8MW ground mounted solar park and the first Council low carbon project.

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RES Cooperative

EnergÉtica S. Coop. is a consumer cooperative which counts more than 1100 members and 1300 electricity supply contracts. This cooperative owns 20% of a mini- hydroelectric power plant (1MW).

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RES Coopertative

I-ENER is a citizen society focusing on the development of renewable energy projects, mainly the production of electricity and heat (e.g. photovoltaic, biomass, etc.), in the Basque country.

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ES Cooperative & RES Crowdfunding Platform

The case study provided by Go Parity includes the case study of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) signed between the RES cooperative Cooperative Agricola de Mangualde (CAM) and Coopernico, and the RES crowdfunding case study Peer to Peer (P2P) lending for the Lisbon Swedish School

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Lake Constance Fundation

RES Cooperative

The case studies provided by Lake Constance Fundation include a cluster of German citizen energy cooperatives in Baden-Württemberg. Two examples of energy cooperatives are the Bioenergy Villages and Bürgerenergie Bodensee (Civil energy cooperatives at Lake Constance).

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RES Crowdfunding Platform/Cooperative

Križevci Solar Roof: P2P crowdfunding investment model to finance an installation of a 30kW PV system on the rooftop of a business centre owned by the City of Krizevci (Croatia).

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RES Aggregation

The Romanian case study consist in the development of a virtual energy transaction platform designed to address the needs of the local community and improve energy transactions at the level of individual households.

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