Paving the way towards energy democracy

Paving the way towards energy democracy


Discover the guidelines and tools we developed to help cooperative, energy aggregator and crowdfunding platform

At the end of the project SocialRES, we present these 5 infopacks which display some of the results obtained throughout the project. Not only did we research new ways to empower citizens and involve them in the energy transition, we also helped key players such as cooperatives, energy aggregators and crowdfunding platforms.

The 5 infopacks below provide users with guidelines and tools which should help key players of the energy transition in their next energy-related project:

  1. How to launch energy communities
  2. Bringing social innovation into the energy sector with the SOGUI framework
  3. How to define a new business model in the energy sector
  4. Enhancing energy democracy: a tool for social innovation assessment
  5. How to launch aggregators and p2p platforms