Lunch at SocialRES #5 – How do we consume electricity?

Lunch at SocialRES #5 – How do we consume electricity?

22 Dec 2021, 12:30-13:30

A new episode of the "Lunch at SocialRES" webinar series!

Do we know how we consume and demand electricity in our homes? What factors influence it? Climate mitigation strategies seek to achieve a reduction in the electricity demand of buildings thanks to the application of energy efficiency measures. The high variety and variability in the residential sector require a better understanding of the temporal, social and lifestyle aspects related to electricity consumption. Therefore, identifying representative classes of consumers is both a challenge and a necessity.

The study developed by CARTIF explores the differences and similarities in the behaviour patterns of users involved in three types of social initiatives: crowdfunding, energy cooperatives and aggregators. The main objective of the analysis, based on quantitative and qualitative information collected at the household level, is to understand how the study members use energy and to identify the factors that have significant effects on household electricity consumption.

The presentation will be done by Sofía Mulero Palencia from CARTIF Technology Centre, with the support of SocialRES’s coordinator Silvia Caneva.

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