SWOT analyses for cooperatives, crowd-funding platforms and aggregators of renewable energies

Deliverable - 19 May 2020

The SWOT analysis is an important step for new development in the case studies. It helps the project partners to understand the structure and the needs of the different case studies and offers a base for the anticipated development of social innovations and new business models.

The SWOT analyses have been carried out for the SocialRES case studies and the related matchmaking activities. The case studies represent the cooperatives, aggregators of renewable energy and crowdfunding platform partners of the project.


Database of driving factors in social innovations in the energy sector

Guidelines - 28 Feb 2020

The aim of this report is to define the main factors that drive citizens, investors and other stakeholders to contribute in social innovation schemes for clean-energy transition. This is done by a literature review of qualitative and quantitative elements (section “State of the Art”), the categorisation of motivations for social innovation in the energy sector (section “classification for driving factors in social innovations in the energy sector“) and the results of the first survey realised within the SocialRES project with the managers of aggregators, cooperatives, and crowdfunding platforms (section “Results of the survey”). The main result is a database of driving factors that will be used to analyse innovative business models as well as in the survey with participants of social innovations in the energy sector.



Shared Solar Cooperatives in Brazil

Best Practices - 11 Oct 2019

Context, overcoming barriers and lessons to be drawn from previous European countries experiences. Presentation by Kathlen Schneider, a representative of the German Cooperative and Raiffeisen Confederation (DGRV)


[Podcast] Aggregators in the CEP: Opportunities and Difficulties as Enablers for Decentralised Actors

Aggregators - 07 Oct 2019

In this podcast, Dr. Maximilian Wimmer, senior researcher at the Foundation for Environmental Energy law (Stiftung Umweltenergierecht), analyses aggregators’ opportunities and difficulties as enablers for decentralised actors in the future energy market with a view on the relevant legal framework found in the “Clean Energy for All Europeans Package”.

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