COP26: its implications for the energy transition and social innovation

Guidelines - 15 Feb 2022

This article aims to provide a brief introduction of COP26, its key outcomes and its implications for global energy transition, social innovation and energy citizenship. 


Report on new business cases for a better engagement of citizens in the energy market of today

Deliverable - 14 Feb 2022

This report should elaborate on new business cases for a better engagement of citizens in the energy market of today, based on the findings of seven multi-day study visits with case study representatives. 


Toolkit for Policy Assessment

Deliverable - 17 Jan 2022

 A Framework for Analysing the Impacts of Social Innovations in the Renewable Energy Sector 

This paper and the toolkit presented therein seek to increase the attention given to alternative approaches for enhancing the energy transition by providing stakeholders in the policy process a tool to highlight the multiple benefits of social innovations, and to increase knowledge and best practice exchange within and across countries. 


Guidelines for successful social innovations in the energy sector

Guidelines - 17 Jan 2022

SocialRES project presents The SOGUI framework, a guideline tool for social innovation initiation in the energy sector. These guidelines are useful for renewable energy aggregators, cooperatives, energy communities, crowdfunding platforms, and other socially innovative organisations in the energy sector that are planning to launch a new project or would like to develop their organisational and financial strategies.