Report on new business models for cooperation among cooperatives, crowdfunding, and aggregators

Business Models - 15 Jun 2022

This report introduces a methodology to define innovative business models for social innovations in the energy sector. Moreover, following specific criteria that include cultural, economic and social value propositions and focusing on enlarged stakeholders’ scope, new business models for social innovations can emerge aiming for a more secure, sustainable, competitive and affordable energy system.


Joint Policy Brief – Putting people at the heart of energy transitions

Policy Brief - 23 May 2022

This document is a jointly-developed Policy Brief with a set of recommendations for EU policymakers on how to better harness and support social innovation for energy transitions. The Policy Brief first syntheses findings in five areas: the diversity and relevance of social innovation in energy (SIE); citizens’ perception and support of SIE; social benefits of SIE; impacts of SIE on energy transitions in Europe; and policies and institutions related to SIE. These findings ground a set of conclusions and policy recommendations for policymakers at all levels, and at the EU, national, and local levels.


COP26: its implications for the energy transition and social innovation

Guidelines - 15 Feb 2022

This article aims to provide a brief introduction of COP26, its key outcomes and its implications for global energy transition, social innovation and energy citizenship. 


Report on new business cases for a better engagement of citizens in the energy market of today

Deliverable - 14 Feb 2022

This report should elaborate on new business cases for a better engagement of citizens in the energy market of today, based on the findings of seven multi-day study visits with case study representatives.