A new era in sustainable energy

A new era in sustainable energy

ENERGY - 13 September 2019

The energy landscape is shifting away from fossil fuels towards more sustainable electricity sources, and from vertically integrated monopolies to unbundled and competitive markets.

Energy markets have been historically designed around centralised sources, however renewable energy generation requires a different approach – integrating different decentralised sources, energy storage and strengthening linkages with the demand side.

Electricity market liberalisation has increased competitiveness and cost-efficiency in energy production in several EU countries, thereby decreasing electricity prices. Renewable energy aggregators act as facilitators between supply and demand in the electricity market bringing small-scale production and consumption to the wholesale market, conventionally only accessible for very large producers and consumers. They do this by aggregating small generation and production units and developing energy services for industrial, commercial or domestic purposes. Aggregation of distributed electricity sources contributes to a more competitive renewable energy sector.

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