Lunch at SocialRES: Business models for energy democracy

Lunch at SocialRES: Business models for energy democracy

11 May 2021, 13:00-14:00

Join us in the first episode of the Lunch at SocialRES live webinar series as we discuss what energy democracy is all about as well as the business models that make it work

In the SocialRES project, three types of businesses have been considered associated with social innovation in the renewable energy sector: Cooperatives, Aggregators and Crowdfunding platforms.  These businesses facilitate an increase in energy democracy by increasing the number of local (decentralised) clean energy projects and allowing the consumer to take a more active role.

The first webinar for the Lunch at SocialRES series will focus on the results of a detailed analysis carried out by ESTIA Institute of Technology of 9 cases of social innovations implemented by crowdfunding platforms, cooperatives, and aggregators in 7 EU countries (Croatia, France, Germany, UK, Portugal, Romania, Spain) leading to the definition of the enabling conditions and barriers for the generation of a portfolio of successful examples of business models for energy democracy.

Watch the live webinar (see below) via our YouTube channel.