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Welcome to the 2nd SocialRES newsletter

We are living challenging times.
Covid-19 is putting a strain on humanity, and especially on some categories of people: poor, old, disabled, and so on. Only with a collective response, and thanks to effective politics (on an healthcare, but also on an economic and social perspective), we can face the pandemics and all the problems it involves.

One challenge, however, should not eliminate the others. Transition to clean energy, as well as the contrast to climate change, remains a central pillar for the future of the planet, and of Europe in particular.
For this reason, we are delighted that, no matter the difficulties of the last months, SocialRES is regularly proceeding and is reaching important results, thanks to the activity of all the partners.

To name only a few progress, Abundance developed the world's first crowdfunding council bond (more info here). Tractebel is developing its platform that will address the need of the local community at the level of individual households: the platform will be customized for the citizens of a residential neighbourhood in Bucharest. The Trinity College of Dublin launched two surveys, one addressed to existing customers and focused on getting motivations, demographics, feedback and suggestions; the other addressed to the general public focusing on getting attitudes, preferences and suggestions. The results will be analyzed and available soon.
Furthermore, next year we will launch a European Social Innovation Platform (ESIP), which aims to become a reference point for European professionals in the energy sector.

These are only some of the advancements of SocialRES, and 2021 promises to be a great year for our project with numerous milestones, deliverables and outputs.
Finally, let us be also a little self-celebrative: at the beginning of November, we also had our first real “exam”, the first review meeting with the EU Commission: we can say that we passed it with honors!

SocialRES team

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Lake Constance Foundation, member of SocialRES consortium, was awarded at the prestigious European Solar Prize Ceremony, an important acknowledgement for 25 years of activity in the field of renewable energies. Discover more at

World's first crowdfunding council bond

Take a look at our Resources on the SocialRES website. Read in particular about the world's first crowdfunding council bond developed by Abundance, member of SocialRES consortium.

Open Research Europe Platform

European Commission is launching the new Open Research Europe platform.
Essentially this will be a publishing platform where researchers funded by H2020 and Horizon Europe can submit their scientific papers for peer-reviewed publication, fully compliant with all open access obligations and free of charge.
The service will be open for submissions of papers in December 2020 and the platform will be officially launched in March 2021.
This follows the trend of other funders to create their own publishing media in order to ensure access to the research results for all.

Fostering energy democracy through social innovation

The paper "FOSTERING ENERGY DEMOCRACY THROUGH SOCIAL INNOVATION" has been presented by SocialRES partners during the 37th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, held online in September 2020.
The paper presents the main objectives of the project along with the added values of investing in energy democracy in the field of social innovation.

All proceedings are available at this link.
Discover the latest developments of the SMARTEES project:
  • SMARTEES Video Blog - learn about how European cities and islands have made the swift to sustainable urban mobility and renewable energy using socially innovative approaches!
  • SMARTEES Webinar series - What's new in social innovation and energy transitions?
  • SMARTEES article - Social innovation might hold the key to accelerating the electric. 
  • Social media handles: @SMARTEESproject
Discover the latest developments of the ASSET project:

ASSET Courses 
ASSET project has presented the updated MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) book with the offering of free courses provided by different partners/teachers from Europe. Do not miss this
opportunity, the courses will start on the 1st of November. All the courses are free, and to enroll in them you need to be registered on the EMMA platform.
More details can be found here.
Discover the latest developments of the NEWCOMERS project:

At the end of November, EU H2020 project NEWCOMERS (New Clean Energy Communities in a Changing European Energy System), is launching its awareness-raising, educational and networking platform, called Our Energy. This platform will EDUCATE, ADVISE and INSPIRE energy communities, their members and other interested citizens, as well as policy- and decision-makers, corporate actors and the academic community. 'Our Energy' will offer a digital library of short, expert-reviewed, interactive multimedia content about energy communities and related topics. 

Want to be informed about Our Energy’s launch and future development? Sign up for the NEWCOMERS e-newsletter on the NEWCOMERS website.

The NEWCOMERS project is currently ongoing, with some research findings already publicly available here.
Beginning in February 2021 a series of webinar organized by SocialRES will have regular appointments on a monthly basis for one year: more information soon!

Energy-SHIFTS Project is delighted to announce its online Pan-European Conference: Shifting the energy debate forward: innovations in the social sciences and humanities for Green Deal delivery. The conference will take place on the morning of the 19 January 2021, with the opening keynote delivered by Jean-Eric Paquet, EC Director General for Research and Innovation. 

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